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"We have to go beyond the discourse of diversity. If we want to transform our organizations, our movements, we have to look at the dynamics of power ."


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Afro-feminist activist who works in the field of community organization, research and feminist intervention and within the women's movement in Quebec. She was a liaison officer – Diversity and intersectionality component at the Regroupement québécois des centers d'aide et de Lutte contre les agressions sxuals, where she had the mandate to accompany the centers for help and fight against sexual assaults. members in a reflection on their ability to include and adapt their practices to the realities and plural needs of women. She chaired the Women's Words Foundation, a feminist organization whose mission is to create inclusive spaces by and for racialized women. She is currently Vice-President of the Fédération des Femmes de Québec and responsible for solidarity and anti-oppressive practices. She is also the coordinator of the sexuality studies program at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University. In addition, she is a consultant, trainer and speaker in equity, diversity and inclusion and prevention and fight against sexual violence.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


I train and support organizations in the implementation of equity, diversity and inclusion measures

For several years, I have been supporting organizations in the development and implementation of equity, diversity and inclusion measures. I have accompanied and equipped several community organizations, especially feminist organizations, to address systemic discrimination in hiring, intervention, and the provision of services. 

I also offer training, conferences and workshops on systemic racism in the workplace and in access to health and social services. 

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