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When race holds you back in the workplace

Imagine landing a great job after a long time trying. You’re well qualified, were the best candidate but are told by a new colleague on your first day, that you only got the post because of positive discrimination. Over time you prove your worth but every year are passed over for promotion. Sometimes you don’t want to go into work because of the little digs about your braids or about the way you express yourself.

Race discrimination in the workplace is a reality for many Black people, despite the existence of a multitude of ‘diversity and inclusion’ initiatives. While overt racism may be a thing of the past, systemic racism, microaggressions and biases mean the world of work is far from being a level playing field, according to the authors of an ILO publication, ‘The future of diversity’.

Listen to the podcast on the International Labour Organization's website.

A transcription of the podcast is also available on the same page.


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