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Marlihan Lopez: The Need of Accountability in Domestic Violence Services & Anticarceral Perspectives

Within 8 weeks, 8 women have died from domestic violence in Quebec.

Femicides are generally seen at much lower rates provincially. On average, Quebec records 12 femicides per year. Currently the amount of femicides in 2021 are at 10, with a death just days ago in the South Shore.

Marlihan Lopez, co-founding member for the coalition to Defund the Police and coordinator at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute discusses the need of investing on survivor-centered, trauma informed services that accountable and inclusive of all survivors and do not rely on anti-carceral responses to addressing gender based violence.

This interview was used for the previous episode of Local 514, which looks at the rise in domestic violence in Quebec during the pandemic and the barriers survivors face in escaping these situations.


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