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Hoodstop les violences sexuelles: tackling systemic barriers while fostering experiential learning

In the context of this experiential learning initiative, community-led and students supported strategies are identifying and tackling the systemic barriers in accessing support services for survivors of sexual violence in Montreal-North. This project has offered students the opportunity to explore alternative practices, such as transformative justice, antiracism and intersectional practices, that contribute to violence prevention and to participate in the development of culturally secure sexual assault support services while developing strategies that foster active participation from youths and other community stakeholders at a local level. Through a panel discussion facilitated by Fatima Terhini, Marlihan Lopez, Natalie Kouri-Towe (SdBI), Andrea Clarke (OCE), Julie Tran and Misanka Mupesse (Hoodstock) will engage in a discussion on the lack of safe and culturally appropriate services for Black and racialized victims/survivors. Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Hoodstock and the Office of Community Engagement gave birth to the ''Hoodstop les violences sexuelles'' project. The panel will conclude with the presentation of the preliminary results of the action research and partnership for a nuanced and stigma-free portrait of the issue of sexual violence in Montreal North, and the conceptualization of a sexual violence prevention sexual education programme for the communities in Montreal-North.


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